Reason behind toilet flush buttons being large and small

Did you ever wonder why are certain things the way they are? Do you question them?

Using a toilet every day is a necessity and we all have seen the flush button is large and small. But did you ever question yourself or try to know the reason behind this mystery.

We all press the flush button every day but it's a shame that we don't know the meaning of these small things which are totally unaware of it. It is no rocket science but having a knowledge does no harm.

Here are the reasons why the toilet flush has one large and one small button:

1. The reason as to why the toilet flush has two buttons

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Modern-day toilets come with two types of flushes. That is one is small and other a little bigger that another one. They are called 'dual flush' toilets.

2. The concept of dual flush

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These days the toilets come with two different types of levers or buttons. One is larger and the other is smaller and each button is connected to its own exit valve.

3. It is for water conservation

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The larger lever is to flush out around 6 to 9 litres of water, whereas the smaller lever is to flush out around 3 to 4.5 litres of water. Clearly, the larger one is to flush solid waste and the smaller one is to flush liquid waste.

4. Amount of water that can be saved

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It has been calculated that if a household adopts the practice of dual flushing, it can save up to 20,000 liters of water in a year when compared with single flushes. Though the installation may cost you a little more than the normal flush, it is eco-friendly and helps cut down on water bills.

5. Implementation 

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The idea of dual flush concept was given by American industrial designer Victor Papanek. He proposed this in his book 'Design for the real world' in 1976. It was first implemented in Australia in 1980.

6. Get smart

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So, now that you have the knowledge, you can use the flush according to your need. If you only urinate, go for the smaller lever. It can either be small in size or will have an image, such as a half or small circle or a small raindrop, indicating that it is the small flush. If you go to take a dump, only then you must press the larger lever, which again will either be bigger in size or have visual indicators.

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