Here’s The Reason Behind Athletes Awarded With Stuffed Toys After They Win At Asian Games

Asian Games 2018 are going on at full swing. Currently, India is on Number 9 in the Asian Games Medal list with a total of 16 medals in 5 days which includes 4 gold, 3 silver, and 9 bronze medals. Currently, China tops the list with 98 medals followed by Japan with 72 medals. However, if you are staying connected with the Asian Games news, you must have come across the pictures of the winners holding medals in one hand and a stuffed toy in the other.

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Do you know what are these stuffed toys for? Well, we dug into the reasons as to why the winners are given these toys this year.

We had witnessed similar scene at Winter Olympics 2018 held in South Korea. The winners were awarded with a white tiger. At that time people were baffled and didn't understand the reason. It turned out, that the tiger is an important figure of Korean culture. According to the Olympic website, the mascot takes its name from “sooho,” which means protection, and “ho-rang-i,” which means tiger. The name is also a reference to “Jeong-seon A-ri-rang.

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And now, this tradition is being followed at Asian Games 2018 as well. The winners are given stuffed toys at the ongoing games too.

Earlier, the winners were given flowers at Olympics as well as Asian Games too. However, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, flowers were deemed unsustainable.

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According to the PyeongChang 2018 website, this symbol is a nod to “Uhsahwa,” paper flowers were given to those who passed their national exams during Korea’s Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).





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