Inspiring tale of Mumbai-based business man, Hemal Saraiya of Airofil

Originated during the year 2015, Mumbai-based Aircare Innovations LLP makes pioneering products, which can help individuals, inhale cleaner air at a reasonable value. The objective is to fabricate an Air Hygiene FMCG group under the brand name, Airofil. With this goal, the company rolled out its initial product Disposable Air Cleaner, which works with ceiling fan to assist detain indoor air contaminants like dirt, pollen and allergens from the air inside a room. This creation is a non-electric disposable cleaner and the first of its type in India. With high ceiling fan tradition crosswise the nation, the firm trusts this to be a positive addition to cleanliness items for homes.

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The thought of making an “Air Hygiene” FMCG group in India was envisaged during 2015.

Hemal Saraiya sad, “While I was in Singapore, I got this idea. My journey on awareness on air pollution and its benefits came when I learnt about Air Purifying appliances in Singapore. I was at a friend’s house when I first saw an Air Purifier. As I researched about the value of the product, I became aware about the indoor air pollutants and its impact on our health. This got me curious to read about air quality in India. And I was shocked to find how bad the air quality was in India.”

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“I than started researching into indoor air cleaning options available to households and offices in India. And I found only two broad options: Air Purifying Plants vs various electronic appliances. The plants were difficult to manage and hence were not mainstream popular while electronic appliances were high cost to own and hence its adoption is limited to higher income households (mainly Delhi). Largely South Asia is a value centric society and so we need to build solutions which take that into account this reality. Comparable examples would be – broom vs vaccum, Air conditioners vs ceiling fans.”

Market volume & rivalry

They approximated that there are around 20+ crore ceiling fans in the country. According to certain industry guesstimates, 2.5-3 cr ceiling fans get sold in the country every year and it is likely to go up at 8-10%.

Aircare Journey –at the moment

They began the tour with examining the product online as well as offline with few detailed brands. They are testing the process and finished during Jan 2017. And currently, they are centred to expand by systematically appending new retail as well as distribution associates.

Product USP

The product USP is that it’s simple to utilize and reasonably priced. The product installation necessitates just cleaning the fan blades and affixing the Air Cleaner to any one blade of the fan. After that, every time the ceiling fan turns around, the Air Cleaner will aid to detain indoor air contaminants.

Future plans

They are concentrated to develop their distribution associates offline as well as online. They are also functioning in the direction of getting hold of new larger modern format partners in top 10 large cities and also linking up to some self-governing supermarkets in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, May 21 - 06:01 PM

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