Rare Childhood Gem Prove Karisma’s Love For Her Little Sissy Kareena

Bollywood beauties Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor are one of the renowned and loving sister pairs of the Hindi film industry. The fashion game of Lolo and Bebo has always been on point. They are also a major inspiration for each and every fashionista. From their fun-filled lunch dates to exotic trips, the Kapoor sissies never fail to give impress fans and ooze out sturdy sisterly love goals.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor have always stood by each other’s side through every thick and thin, and this has been a story since their childhood.

Recently, we found a precious video recording of Kapoor sisters and we were happy to see how Karisma had always looked after her little sissy with care. The video recording seems to be from a show, Jeena isi ka naam hai where Karisma was shown a video excerpt from her childhood days. In the video, both Karisma and Kareena can be witnessed sitting on the floor together and relishing a meal. As Karisma finishes her bite, she can be seen aiding her sissy Bebo with her drink. The video is too delightful to give a miss.

The bubbly sister pair has been inspiring fans and admirers with their delightful adoration and close bond. As the whole country was going through the lockdown and the fans were giving a miss to Bebo (Kareena) and Lolo (Karisma) together.

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We also found an unnoticed and rare image of the well-known sisters. In the image, the two were clicked in a candid mood. In the picture, we could witness Bebo putting on a golden ensemble with toning bangles. In contrast, Karisma also looked stunning in a purple-hued outfit with slight makeup.

During a media talk in the year 2018, Lolo had posted some mysterious truths about her sissy, Kareena Kapoor Khan. She stated, “Apart from being a carefree person, I would say that she is a very emotional person. It is because of family, upbringing -- my dad, my mom. The Kapoors and the Shivdasanis, we have been extremely close and family is most important. We say careers, friends, work everything is important, but family is THE most important. That’s how we have that bond of sisters and we are a very strong women-centric home. I am fortunate to have that bond (with Kareena).”

by Ricky Tandon | Sun, Jan 31 - 03:42 PM

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