Ranveer Singh Gets Remodeled As Beautiful Indian Birds; Netizens Go Gaga As Pics Go Viral

For the past couple of months, there has been a trend on social media to remodel their favourite celebrity as snacks, ice creams, cold drinks, among other things. In this trend, one compares the celebrity’s outfit with the things mentioned. The recent actor to be pulled into this fun trend by the netizens is Ranveer Singh.

There is no doubt that Ranveer is famous for his quirky and unique sense of famous. The actor can easily pull off any outfit and no matter how bizarre his attire looks he makes it a style statement.

The netizens have now combined a few of the Befikre movie actor’s looks and have remodeled him as beautiful Indian birds. The pictures are going viral on social media and the netizens are left in splits.

A bird enthusiast and fan of Ranveer Singh, Brighu KP has found birds matching the actor's colourful outfits.

Indian Pitta

Indian Pitta is among the most beautiful birds in the Indian subcontinent. This bird can mainly be spotted in the Konkan belt. Its feathers are very colourful with colours like blue, red, orange, pink, and white. The bird is also called ‘Navrang’ owing to its colourful plumage. Indeed, Ranveer Singh’s colourful personality matched with Indian Pitta.

Himalayan Monal

The actor’s sparkling rainbow jacket look from shelves of Manish Malhotra has been compared to with the feathers of Himalayan Monal. The netizens are going gaga after seeing the image of Ranveer alongside the bird.

Maroon Oriole

The beautiful bird named Maroon Oriole is native to countries like Taiwan and Vietnam. Maroon Oriole has crimson and black feathers. Ranveer Singh wearing a crimson jacket has been remodeled alongside the little bird.

Common Starling

This bird native to the European region is mostly found in the northern region of India. In a polka dot shirt, Ranveer Singh is indeed twinning with the Common Starling.

Indian Vulture

Ranveer Singh’s avatar as Alauddin Khilji from Padmaavat swept the masses off their feet. His look from the movie is now being compared to the Indian vulture. The bird is currently on the verge of extension. However, many efforts are being taken to increase its population.

Black Hooded Oriole

Ranveer Singh looks dapper in bright yellow outfits. Not many people can carry that colour well but when it comes to this actor, he can do it with ease. The netizens found ways to imagine Ranveer as the Black Hooded Oriole. The bird is mostly spotted in India, Indonesia, and a few other Southeast Asian nations.

by siddhi ajgoankar | Thu, Apr 22 - 04:24 PM

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