Randeep Hooda Praises The Spirit Of Kerala And Thanks Our Armed Forces

In last few days, the nation came together to help the people of Kerala by providing any kind of help that they could. Common citizens and celebrities donated money, food, clothes etc and also urged others to do the same. Online apps like Zomato, Paytm etc provided an easy option to their users to make donations.

While the celebrities made huge amount of donations to help people of Kerala, Randeep Hooda preferred to get on his toes. He volunteered the Khalsa Aid to contribute in the relief work. He went to Kerala on his birthday, and served food to people himself. His pictures went viral in media and people applauded his kind act.

He juggled between Kochi and Alleppey to help people in the relief camps. Sharing the experience, he said, “Food availability is not a problem, but lack of drinking water is. Also, people need basic amenities like mosquito nets and medicines. It’s sunny here for the past few days, so it will help the water recede. Rescue operations are underway. Some people are in the camps and some have begun to return to their homes, but it’s not over yet. This is going to take a while. The emergency crisis is under control, but the bigger problem begins once the water goes down."

He further said, "There’s no danger to life anymore, but the focus will have to be on preventing an outbreak of diseases, rehabilitation of those affected and rebuilding their homes. This is a huge process. There is a requirement of skilled people who can help do that. People’s homes are full of muck. They might be prone to diseases because of water-logging and the damage done. Helping people clean and rebuild their homes is most important now and that will be the aim of volunteers stationed here.”

He praised the spirit of people in Kerala and also thanked our Armed Forces for their services. He said, “The rehabilitation process there is testament to the undying spirit of the people of Kerala. The helping attitude and dignity of the locals have been most inspiration. There is so much of self-respect and gratitude. People have a tendency to hoard stuff, but even in a crisis situation like this, not a single person in the relief camps asked for more than what he/she required. They only took what they needed. The Keralite dignity and spirit is astounding. The fishermen in particular have been exceptional. They are going out of their way to help people. Also, we cannot thank our Armed Forces enough for their relentless efforts.”


by Admin | Mon, Aug 27 - 02:30 PM

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