Railways to cancel India’s Shortest Route Passenger Train as not enough passengers are there to travel

As per the new policy and decision of Indian Railway, Shortest route is coming to its end as few numbers of passengers are barely seen in the train, so eventually, the decision has been taken to close that route, as it is unable to bring any fruitful result to the Government.

As per the statement of SK Sinha, the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) in Thiruvananthapuram told The Indian Express, “This was a trial run between CHT and Ernakulam Junction. We were reviewing the service and we are actually planning to cancel the service. If there are no takers for it, what’s the use of running it? Less than 15 tickets are sold in a day.”


The train has been running for barely a week now and low number passengers have discouraged the railways to such an extent that now it mulls to stop its run. “The other day, we completed a run with two people. The day before that, I think there were four people. It’s a joke is what it is,” he said, before hoisting himself into the cab.

One of the technicians, who is associated with the train, said it came as a surprise to him when the Railways announced such a short service, especially on a route bustling with private bus services. “It’s always somebody higher-up who decides these things. The orders came from above and we are working. Who knows what the future of the train’s gonna be!” he sighed.


One of the naval base supervisors, Joseph said, "I agree there’s no logic in running the train on such a short route. That’s why it should be extended, perhaps to Thrissur or Kottayam so that it can benefit the office crowd. But Railways must not stop the service at any cost."


Few of the railway workers enjoyed their journey on the vacant train and were seen in their comfort zone. Finally, the route is going to stop and no more trains will run on the track.

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by Shifa Naz | Wed, Oct 03 - 02:27 PM

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