Pune Families Decided Not To Celebrate Eid, Donate Money To Kolhapur And Sangli

The entire globe celebrated Eid-Al-Adha on Monday, August 12. But, due to week’s incessant rain and water release from dams, Kolhapur and Sangli's Eid got affected. At least one lakh residents displaced and seeing this condition, about 300 families in Pune decided not to “celebrate” and to donate the money to relief. 

Azaz Kazi, a social worker from Pune said, “This will be the first Eid I will miss; I will be traveling to Sangli and Kolhapur with food items and other necessary items we have collected to donate.”

“There are four trucks fully loaded. Also, it is not only me who has decided not to celebrate Eid, but there are as many as 300 such families in Pune who have chosen not to celebrate. All these families have donated an amount they had saved to buy animals to sacrifice and new clothes for their families. This is just a small gesture to remember those who lost their lives,” he added.

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Ghulam Husen, a professor in Economics in Pune stated that “I have been in Sangli for eight days now and have been trying to rehabilitate as many victims as I can. Looking at the situation here, no pious will choose to celebrate Eid. Many have lost their homes, livelihood and have nothing to eat. Many who bought animals to slaughter, lost them. It is just not possible to celebrate Eid after seeing such calamity and suffering. Hence, to show our support, we too have chosen not to celebrate Eid and be there for these victims.”

As per a Pune marketing consultant, Basmah Ahmed, “There are many people lost their lives, many lost their houses and in such times, celebrating Eid, seems wrong. To extend our support, we have chosen not to celebrate Eid. It is just a gesture to show that we are with them.”

Javed Wani, coordinator of the association revealed, “Maharashtra has always helped us in crisis and this time we have decided to help the state. We students will help out 100 students of over water-affected zones by providing them financial help. This help will be extended for a year." However, he is unclear about the process of association. 

by Neetu Panwar | Tue, Aug 13 - 12:10 PM

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