Priyanka Chopra Sets 5 Trends For Her Fashion Followers 

Priyanka Chopra is not only an actress but also a fashion icon. She is spreading the charm of her style on foreign land as well. Her style speaks her personality. Her every look whether walking down the streets of New York City or walking down the red carpet sets a style goal to be followed by fans. There are a few trends that PeeCee sets for lovers of fashion.

Have a look at 5 trends that PeeCee set with her style.

Plastic Heels 

PeeCee has the right choice of plastic heels which she wears most of the time. One of the most important fact about this heels is that it can go very well with almost every dress. It is one of the best and essential buys for every fashion lover.

Small bags

Hand bag especially in small size is the best to put all the necessary stuff of daily use. The bags give attractive look along with the bottomless pit. It will help you to enhance the beauty or make you ultra stylish. It is very handy that you can carry easily. This kind of bags are ideal to keep mobile phone, wallet, mirror, lipstick, eye pencils and necessary cards.

Sleek Sunglasses 

If you want to be a style icon, go with the sleek and classy pair of sunglasses. You can go with the small frame to make your face stylish. It is very handy as well as protects you from the summer heat. This kind of glasses can easily fit in the handbag.


Priyanka Chopra most of the time wears overcoats but, this fashion wouldn't go in India. She has a huge collection of designer overcoats and the colors of the clothes are very attractive. You can also add this in your wardrobe. For summer, you can go with the light shades like pastel pink, etc.

Sparkly eyes

Are you looking to party hard? Sparkly eyes created using shimmer eye shadow will be the best. Priyanka Chopra loves to decorate her eyes with little sparkles. The chick shades that go in her favorite list are gold and silver. Apart from that, you can go with funkier shades.

Any other fashion trend set by Priyanka that we forgot to mention here? Tell us in comments section.

by Mamatha Reddy | Fri, Apr 19 - 09:57 PM

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