Priyanka Chopra reveals the reason behind her unique dress during Met gala 2019

There were images, even entertaining twitter minutes that tossed grime at Priyanka Chopra's MET Gala look 2019. Envision an A-rundown Bollywood entertainer sashaying in the entirety of her greatness, in the most looked for after celebrity main street occasions of the year, looking 'preposterous' to portray it best!

The MET Ball is the yearly raising support celebration to assist the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York. It was built up in 1948 by design marketing specialist Eleanor Lambert to check the opening of its esteemed historical center. The MET ball at that point, turned into a sort of a get-together, drawing in the's who of New York City.

This year, be that as it may, it was about Camp Fashion, which was propelled by Susan Sontag's fundamental 1964 paper. Even though Susan Sontag's meaning of camp gets from strange history, as indicated by Harpers Bazaar, "It has an inseparable tie to relaxing in the impressiveness, incongruity, and cleverness of being additional. It very well may be dramatic, it tends to be unexpected, it can even be hilarious, yet regardless, the camp is a critical method for catching and communicating the zeitgeist of whenever period in culture". This maybe clarifies the criticalness of Priyanka's silly look.

As indicated by Jean Eudes from Dior's Vermont weaving atelier, "The awesome couture outfit and cape were produced using tulle, highlighting weavings of tulle quills and silver strass. Every one of the plumes was trimmed by hand and afterward connected in evaluated layers, going from dim and redden pink to bolder yellow, fuchsia, and red hot red." The hair, we hear, was exceptionally roused by the Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. A few people even translated her look as Glinda from 'Glinda The Good Witch.'

by Lokendra Sharma | Tue, May 14 - 01:50 PM

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