Priyank Sharma Reportedly Dated The New Cadbury Girl Khushi Joshi In The Past

Priyank Sharma's love life always makes headlines. Earlier, he was in talks for his relationship with Divya Agarwal and Benafsha Soonawaala and now another girl is in news. Before he entered the Bigg Boss house, he was also close to the 18-year old Khushi Joshi. The girl was 17 then (season 11 of Bigg Boss).

The girl we are talking about is Khushi Joshi who has been the new Cadbury Girl since August 2018. The Cadbury ad is her first TV commercial. After the ad was released, Khushi posted how her brother reacted to it. She wrote on Instagram, "So basically my real brother got really pissed after watching my ad and said, 'okay from now on he's only your brother ' whatta cutie . Iloveyou my cute little munchkin more than anything in this world."

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Fans of Priyank and Khushi had also made their fan pages showing their closeness. Rumors were that they loved being in each other's company but that buzz then did not percolate for longer.

When Khushi and Priyank, both were asked about their affinity for each other, they told, "We were very good friends and are still friends." 

But the new Cadbury girl took a long pause before replying when we asked her if her friendship with Priyank had lost its intensity now. She said, "Look, we have recently got very busy with our careers. So yeah, we don't talk so much these days."

Priyank also said, "Khushi and I met in Delhi through a common friend Yuvraj. She is very pretty and I wish her the very best in her life."

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But as per the sources, "Khushi and Priyank were attracted to each other at one point of time. But it didn't last long. Maybe now, Khushi has moved on to date someone else, and in fact, is now in a steadier relationship. Priyank, on the other hand, does not admit--- but Benafsha and he are a couple."

Talking about their work, Khushi and Priyank are currently doing a show together titled Punch Beat. However, they won't be seen together in any scene. 

Priyank Sharma was the contestant of MTV Roadies, Splitsvilla, and Bigg Boss. He dated Divya Agrawal in Splitsvilla and Benafsha in Bigg Boss season 11. During Prince Narula's wedding, all three bumped into each other. However, Divya ignored Priyank.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Oct 14 - 02:45 PM

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