Post Wedding Karnataka man takes his bride on a JCB Bulldozer to his home

A Karnataka man who is in his late 20's did something pretty new that left everyone in a surprise cum laughter. The Karnataka man named Chetan belonging to Dakshina Kannada’s Puttur district, took his new bride post marriage to his house on a JCB machine. The groom is a JCB operator by profession and planned this variety ride on the vehicle with his wife with her consent.  He took his wife Mamata on a ride on the JCB and everyone were in laughs including the bride and the groom.

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The interesting thing, however, is they ain't sat in the seats of the bulldozer but instead sat on the scoop that is used to dig soil from the ground. The bride and groom were seen shying away from posing for the cameras. They rode in the loader in Puttur’s Parpunja taluk on Monday. On his big day, he showered his respect and love on the machine that is earning him bread from a decade now by riding on it along with his newly wedded wife.

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Chetan takes his wife Mamata to his home on a JCB after marriage

Chetan belongs to Kallakatta of Santyar village. When asked about his idea to ride on a Bulldozer rather than a car or a horse he said he would scare away to ride on them and is happy and comfortable riding on JCB. He said at first his bride refused to sit on it but later agreed to do so. The newlywed couple reached their marital home on the JCB. The JCB was specially decorated with flowers and balloons all over for the ride.

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The friends of the groom were seen taking pictures of the couple sitting on the JCB while the ride is on. The roadside walkers were spotted viewing the JCB carrying newlyweds on the scoop surprisingly. Chetan took the help of his friends to decorate the JCB for the first ever ride with his wife. The JCB was kept ready at the wedding venue by the time of the wedding. After the wedding ceremony completed, they both drove on it sitting on its scoop.

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It is really a unique idea by the groom we must say. At first, he drove the machine by himself, but later he gave the steering to one of his friends and sat on the bucket with his wife posing for the pictures.

by Vijay Singh | Fri, Jun 22 - 04:05 PM

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