I am a positive kind person and I believe things happens for the good, says Vivek Oberoi

Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi can lastly take a sigh of relief. Yes, he was in big tension due to the release date of his flick.

Vivek, who will be seen in a Bollywood film after a long time, will don the character of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his film PM Narendra Modi reached movie halls today.

Prior to the film’s release, Vivek Oberoi talked to media people where he opened talked on the reaction after his film's postponement. The actor also talked about PM Narendra Modi lastly getting a release date after all the long wait.

He also talked regarding the losses incurred over the movie's postponement.

The actor said, “It was the worst feeling in the world. It was like a movie’s anti-climax. The prints were sent globally and we were releasing the film on April 11. But on the night of April 10, we got a notice from the Election Commission which had a whole new stance. They suddenly took a really strong stance against us. It was really painful to see the disappointment on the faces of the youngsters who worked so hard for the film.”

"As a filmmaker, it makes you feel very vulnerable in India. You start feeling that how can somebody have this kind of extreme rights and how can they damage you just one night before the release. We fought in four High Courts and the Election Commission was a party to it all. Despite that, they waited till the last minute and attacked us. We incurred all the expenses. We booked the theatres and spent money on promotions. Crores and crores were spent, but I have no recourse and that’s what is painful. Where do I go to recover my money?" he added up.

But when the media people asked the actor that if the postponement will have an effect on his film, he stated that he thought it become a blessing in cover.

“I am a positive kind of a person and I believe whatever happens it is for the good. I believe I am a destiny’s child. I believe there’s some divinity that loves me and protects me. So, now hopefully, on May 23, PM Narendra Modi will come (hinting at the Lok Sabha Elections result) and on May 24 also PM Narendra Modi will come. (The movie PM Narendra Modi releases on May 24.)," he added.

Interestingly while the interview was taken long back, BJP head Narendra Modi in fact won the polls in 2019, yet again after his supremacy of 5 years.

PM Narendra Modi, helmed by Omung Kumar, confronted postponement since the Election Commission thought the film's release amidst election time would have an effect on the voting situation. For this reason, so as to not make the film a propoganda movie, the film is lastly slated to hit theaters on May 24.

by Mamatha Reddy | Fri, May 24 - 10:59 AM

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