Popular Dishes In India Which Are Not Of Indian Origin

India is a vast country with some beautiful culture which is widely practised across the country. There are different people of different religions which live happily. Apart from the vast culture, India is also known for its various cuisines which includes desi food, Rajasthani, Punjabi, South Indian, Gujarati, Marwadi, Bengali food which are widely consumed by people. However, these days, Indians have started consuming foods like burgers, pizzas and pasta among others which are highly popular in western culture.

There are some famous dishes in Indian cuisine which are widely popular across the globe. Some of them include Samosas, rajma chawal among others which every Indian must have had once in a lifetime.

However, do you guys know that there are many popular Indian dishes which are not of Indian origin?

Here’s take a look at these dishes:

This is a popular dish in India and made in almost every household. However, it didn’t originate in India. Actually, Rajma was first grown in Mexico and was brought to India by Portuguese.

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This is a popular and staple food consumed on daily basis in the Indian household. However, it was originated in Nepal.

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This is a highly popular snack in India since ages. However, it did not originate in India. Samosa came to India with the Arabs and stayed here forever.

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This is also one of the most loved sweet dishes in our country. It is often consumed on special occasions and also made in every household quite often. However, this dish belongs to Persia and came to India with Muslim Sultans and Badshahs.

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Again one of the widely consumed sweet dishes of our country from kids to adults to oldies, everyone loves to binge on this sweet dish and can’t stop having. However, Jalebi is not of Indian origin and is from the Middle East where people call it Zulbia.

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This is the most common food made in every house of India and people usually consume it on daily basis. There are various types of Khichdi. However, this dish was originated in China and brought to India around 2500 years ago.

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This popular dish was originally brought in India by Mughals in Persia.

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Tea is the most common and popular beverage widely consumed by people in our country on the daily basis that too several times in a day. But can you believe that tea was originally not originated in India? In reality, it was originated in China.

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So folks, what are your thoughts on this? Tell us in comments.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jul 09 - 02:56 PM

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