12 Popular Cafes In Himachal that will make you head to Himalayas right now

Check out the list of places you musts visit in Himachal that are insta-famous for being so stunning. The list goes like this -

  1. Jim Morrison Cafe - Kasol

If you are a big buff of artistic work on walls, low-priced food, enjoying at one place for a long time, ginger black tea, a polite WiFi link right in the middle of the charming Kasol, then Jim Morrison Cafe is your hide.

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  1. Moon Dance Cafe - Kasol

Moon Dance Cafe has a truly creamy feel and if are a big coffee buff, it'll have Moon Dance written all over it. Moon Dance Cafe has a great vibe and yummy food.

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  1. Cafe 1947 - Manali

If you prefer sitting by the stream, enjoy hookahs, being in museum-like places with a number of tiny trinkets to observe, tint, yummy food - Cafe 1947 shall pass on you the liberty to do all of that.

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  1. Moonpeak Espresso - McLeod Ganj

If you doubted what tranquility appears, this is it. Their mealtime, cakes, sandwiches and coffee is brilliant, to enjoy your special time.

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  1. The Johnson's Cafe - Manali

This famous place is just marvelous. It is a traveller-friendly choice offering up international cuisines, under stylish low lighting and an open air patio.

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  1. Hangout-Rooftop Bar and Restaurant - Kasauli

Whoever has been here, has called it an unforgettable experience. The view steals the show but the food and facilities are no less. If you're in Kasauli, you better hangout here.

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  1. The Evergreen Cafe - Kasol

In addition to the special sight and the bohemian insides, The Evergreen Cafe has home-made tofu, special pizza, lasagne, Turkish kebabs, lamb and chicken dishes and yummy Israeli specials.

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  1. Freedom Cafe - Chhlal

This snack bar is a stunning 30-minute walk from the Kasol’s main road. This is said to be the serene places to have enjoy and enjoy reading an interesting book while the hum of the river and the view of mountains unwinds every intellect of your body.

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  1. Cafe Simla Times - Shimla

The main feature of this place is its food. It serves the best food. The ambience is artsy and will definitely take you to a special world all at once. In addition, its view is too luxurious.

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  1. Shiva Cafe - McLeod Ganj

All tourists love visiting Shiva Café a it is the most happening places in McLeod Ganj.

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  1. Illiterati - Dharamshala

Here you will enjoy mesmerizing mountain sight, lovely and stunning interiors along with good crowd.

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  1. Sunshine Cafe - Manali

Here, you will taste exceptional hot chocolate. It is mouthwatering and make you big buff of this great place.

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So, when are you heading to the Himalayas?

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jun 11 - 06:10 PM

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