PM Narendra Modi Waives Off Rs 6 crore GST Amount On Imported Medicine For 6-Month-Old Baby Girl In Mumbai; Wins Hearts With His Humanitarian Move

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shows his humanitarian move has waived off Rs 6 crore as a GST tax amount. It was against Rs 16 crore of imported medicines required to treat a six-month-old baby girl in Mumbai. The little girl is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is a rare medical condition that often doesn’t let children live beyond 5-months.

The parents of the baby girl have raised Rs 16 crore for her surgery via crowdfunding. It includes the cost of the medicine Zolgensma. This medicine has to be exported from the United States.

The family of 6-month-old Teera had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi informing him about the infant’s condition. Even Maharashtra’s former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis wrote to PM Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman requesting them to exempt taxes on the imported medicine required for the treatment of baby Teera.

Devendra Fadnavis’ in his request letter wrote, "There is an urgent need of medicine to save the life of a five-month-old kid from Mumbai. I humbly request you to pave way for importing the medicine with an exemption of various duties. Looking at the financial constraints of the parents and urgent need of saving a life, this case needs urgent attention.”

Furthermore, he added the details of baby Teera and her medical condition including the medicine which is required for her treatment. The former CM of Maharashtra wrote, "Teera Kamat, 5-month age girl is suffering from rare genetic disease and only a gene replacement therapy can cure it. Gene Replacement therapy includes a medicine named Zolgensma which needs to be imported from USA costing Rs 16 crores in Indian currency. The girl's parents have raised the requisite amount through crowdfunding.”

Further in the letter, he included, “Now the amount that may be needed to pay the taxes applicable on its import such as custom duty and GST comes to around Rs 6 crores which is just out of the reach for the girl's parents. You are, therefore, humbly requested to kindly look into the matter and consider the parents' request as a special case to exempt the import of the medicine from all taxes applicable on it.”

Indeed, Devendra Fadnavis’ request didn’t fall on deaf ears, and PM Modi actually did waive off Rs 6 crore GST amount. This humanitarian move has won many hearts and everyone is hoping that baby Teera recovers in a healthy way.

by siddhi ajgoankar | Fri, Feb 12 - 10:33 AM

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