Tweeps Demand An Explanation From PM Modi For His Theory Of Usage Of Gas Emitted From Sewage

Sometimes it is get really difficult to understand what our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is saying or what he meant by his so-called theories. Modi Ji, we are distantly having your Achhe Din and we are really hoping for it to come soon to us not only for you. Everyone is waiting for Achhe Din and Vikas from the day BJP came into action but one thing for sure the BJP leader has given to us which is the Laughter and most of the time it came from our dear Namo Modi.

Recently, a video has been posted by a user using Twitter in which PM Modi is speaking on the possible uses of toxic gas emitted from sewage. However, we wonder where is science and logic in Modi's theory of sewage. Hence, it failed Modi.

Take a look at the video shared by a user named History of India:

Here's what PM explained:

"Kisi chotte se nagar mein, naale ke paas, koi chai ka thela lekar ke khada rehtha tha aur chai banakar ke bechta tha. Ussne ek chote se bartan ko ulta karke, ched karke ek pipe daal di. Aur jo gutter se gas nikalta tha, woh pipeline se uske chai ke thele mein le liya. Aur woh chai banane ke liye ussi gas ka upyog karke chai banata tha".

PM Modi is possibly talking about converting sewage into biofuel and using it for fueling stoves.

Well, we know PM Modi has a soft corner for the Chai vendor but sir where is "I don't know what". Modi owes an explanation to his short story of Chai vending and science/technology that how turning over a utensil, drilling a hole in it and attaching it to the pipeline. And voila!

Meanwhile, LPG is in danger now as Modi has introduced a very new method for cooking things using a utensil and making a hole in it and a use of pipe can save you every month's around Rs.1000.

Have a look at the reaction, twitteratis got over this:

Tell us your thoughts on the same in the comment section.

by Soniya Kaur | Tue, Aug 14 - 04:50 PM

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