Environment Ministry allows to cut more than one crore trees for development work

Where the world is focusing on planting more trees and restoring the damaged nature but as per the shocking report, between 2015 and 2019, the environment ministry gave permission to cut more than one crore trees for development work.

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It seems that the environment ministry isn't really thinking about the environment or they wouldn't order to cut trees on the name of development.  It has been confirmed by Minister of State (MoS) for Environment Babul Supriyo while responding to a question in Lok Sabha that the ministry gave permission to cut 1.09 crore trees for development purposes between the year 2014 and 2019. Between the five years, the highest number of trees were cut in 2018-19.

"Trees are felled for various development purposes with the permission of competent authorities in accordance with the procedure laid down in various Acts. However, the ministry does not maintain data regarding the cutting of trees due to forest fire," Supriyo said.

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The ministry gave permission to cut 23.3 lakh trees in 2014-15, 16.9 lakh in 2015-16, 17.01 lakh in 2016-17 and 25.5 lakh in 2017-18.

The minister also added that Rs 237.07 crore has been released in the last four years. It has been given to 12 states under the Green India Mission for afforestation in an area of 87113.86 hectares. Also, an amount of Rs 328.90 crore has been released to the states under the National Afforestation Programme. The amount is to treat new area of 94,828 hectares during the last four years.

The Green India Mission which was launched in 2015 is to increase forest cover area by 5 million hectares (mha).

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As per a recently published report titled “Performance of the National Action Plan on Climate Change” (NAPCC) drafted by the (Indian) Committee on Estimates (2018-19), the progress of GIM has been severely limited. Now, the Opposition attacked Modi government for “destroying the future.”

PM Narendra Modi-led government has cut a whopping 1,09,75,844 trees in the past 5 years!

by Mamatha Reddy | Mon, Jul 29 - 01:51 PM

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