Planned for a trek, 2 brothers ended up cleaning 10kg waste at Robbers’ Cave, Dehradun

It's been years when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the 'Swach Bharat Abhiyan' with an aim to make India cleaner. However, people consider it the sole responsibility of the government to get the nation cleaned. Hardly do we realise that it is we, the citizens who need to come forward and do our little bit for the nation and the environment.

From railway stations to hill stations, people have not been realising that it is their property too. We go to the beaches, or the hills, click pictures, feel the freshness of cold breeze and come back home. Amidst this process, we end up destroying the beauty of such places by throwing plastic bottles, wrappers etc. But unlike most of us, a normal plan of trekking for 2 brothers wasn't just limited to clicking pictures.

Two brothers from Dehradun named Sarvagya Pandey and Savyasachi Pandey planned a trek to the famous Robbers' cave in their city. However, the unclean sight of the caves made them to get their hands into the dirt and clean up the entire place.  

In a Facebook post, they wrote, "Clean up Trek at Robbers' Cave: A visit to trek at first, but on seeing neither the ignorant masses nor the authorities do anything about the deteriorating state of cleanliness there, the Pandey brothers stormed the place to collect more than 10kg non biodegradable waste including glass and plastic bottles and cups, thermocols etc and got it all down not just from the cave but even from a long stretch above. #JustDoYourBit #ThatsHowYouSwachhBharat#swachbharatabhiyan #PandeyBrothers"

The brothers collected more than 10kg of non-biodegradable waste which included glass and plastic bottles, cups, thermocols etc. They ended up cleaning the place because neither the ignorant masses nor the concerned authorities were doing anything to keep the place clean.

Dustbins are installed at the caves with a signboard which asks to keep the place clean. However, it is really hard for the citizens of this nation to understand and bear the small responsibilities.

These 23-year-young boys are doing their part. What are you waiting for? People like them or Afroz Shah who cleaned up Versova Beach do not get a commission from the government for taking up the clean-up task. What they get is a sense of satisfaction that they have done their part.

It is a question for all the readers- 'When are you planning to do your part?'

by Admin | Wed, Jun 13 - 11:37 AM

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