Pics: Ranbir Kapoor Celebrates Mom Neetu’s Birthday With Sister Riddhima In Paris

Ranbir Kapoor takes off to Paris to celebrate his mother Neetu Kapoor' birthday along with sister Riddhima. While Riddhima is already in Paris with husband Bharat Sahni. Well, it is quite normal nowadays as celebs celebrate their birthday in other countries and share their lovely pictures on social media.

And, the pictures of Neetu's birthday has been shared by her daughter. However, a report says, "Rishi Kapoor is in charge of all the arrangements. He will personally look into everything, including the birthday itinerary,"

Check out the pictures shared by Riddhim here:

She captioned the image as: #60goinon16 ‘Happiest bday to my lifeline’ - I love you so much mom ❤️

#Ranbir Kapoor also there to celebrate his mom's birthday

#She can't get enough to post pictures for her mother:

#She calls them her universe:

As everyone knows about the relationship between Ranbir and Alia while Neetu says about her son, "He is too soft. He can't hurt anybody. It's the same with his relationships, he does not know how to say no, and gets into the deep end! I see it happening and can do nothing about it. The first time he felt involved, I knew the girl was not right for him. (how typically mother is that!). But when I told him, he rebelled. So I learnt to tackle it another way."

"I told him don't get serious so soon, the more you see the more you know and learn, to meet many girls, and go out with them, but don't commit yet. But I have learnt to not be an irritant. I say it once and move away. It works," she added.

Neetu also said, "I think he [Ranbir] is charming, but he is very shy. I don't see him approaching a girl. It's they who make the first move, and he is too soft to say no and gets involved. But he does confide in me, sometimes asks my advice. And I speak to him like a friend, and even try to get him out of an involvement if that is the best option."

The veteran actress also told what kind of bahu she wants, "Someone who will understand how simple he is. That he is a daal chawal sort of boy, that he not very high maintenance and will not really appreciate having a high maintenance wife."

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