Physically Challenged Sanjay Sen Teaches At Govt School In Rajasthan, Inspires Everyone

Humans are never satisfied with whatever they are blessed with. In fact, they always crave for more and more which sometimes makes them too selfish. But out of millions, there are some people who are happy with the way they are and whatever God has decided for them. Be it money, luxury or anything else.

So there's a guy named Sanjay Sen who with his spirit and dedication has inspired one and all. Sen is physically challenged, but he had no plans to sit home and waste his life and crib about his condition. In fact, he did not lose hope and stepped out to face the world. He had a dream to pursue his career in teaching and he fulfilled it with his dedication and hard work.

A post related to Mr Sen has gone viral and for all the right reasons. Sanjay Sen is said to be working in a government school in Rajasthan under the Shiksha Sambal Project since 2009.

A picture is circulating on the social media where Sanjay is teaching the students despite the absence of proper facilities in the school. The picture is extremely heart-touching as we can see how just like any other normal human being, Sanjay is teaching the students. Sen received several accolades for his dedication.

Take a look at the reactions below:

One of the Twitter users wrote, "I will not only salute his dedication but I will also salute his family Members, his friends and everybody who were with him when he needed them the most, who gave him hope, mental strength n confidence to fight all the odds of life n live life with full respect"

Other twitter user wrote, "Can any of our respected ministers take cognizance of this and provide some support/Electric wheelchair to this gentleman.. @PrakashJavdekar @narendramodi @smritiirani @BJP4India"

Shiksha Sambal is a government of Indian flagship aiming to help students who have dropped out of school due to financial problems and help schools that don't have enough teaching staff.

People like Sanjay Sen truly inspires many out there who are having such problems and they can definitely learn many things from him. India is proud to have such great people here.

by Admin | Thu, Sep 13 - 11:25 AM

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