People are posting some funny images on Twitter taken by their pals which will make you go LOL

Friendship is a mutual lane, and rarely we need to appraise the companionship to witness if what we’re putting into it is worth what we get out of it.

Does your friend regularly flake on proposals or unexpectedly seem to vanish when you want them the most?

Or even more prominently, do they click terrible images of you?

That’s what a guy with the name Jeff (@JeffJoseph96) bumped into recently when he was actually out for a motorbike ride with his bestie, Reed.

Jeff - Im so mad that I took this picture of reed and this is what he took of me

As you can witness, Reed almost gives the impression he was being clicked for the cover of a cycling periodical.

Poor Jeff, in contrast, was clearly not all set for the photograph. He appeared to be in mid-speech as the pic was being clicked. The photograph was also taken from an unflattering viewpoint and with terrible lighting.

Seriously, what the misery, Reed?

Another user made attempts to assist Jeff out by appending some basic Photoshop wizardry, but even then—not great, Bob!

Edgar - Add some filters. Lower the contrast and brightness and it’s not all lost.

As Jeff’s tweet turned viral all over the web, others come ahead to identify with their own instances of pals not reciprocating good honest shooting.

alex - pictures i take of my friends vs pictures they take of me

madi b ♛ - When i take a picture of my friend vs when my friend takes a picture of me

KTuck🍯 - I asked my friends to take cute candid pics of me at the beach today and this is what I got.. I’m now accepting applications for new friends.

So folks, what do you have to say about these hilarious pics? Tell us in comments.

by Vijay Singh | Sat, Jun 02 - 12:30 PM

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