Lavish Palaces To Stay In India, Will Give You The Feeling Of Royals

India is known for its rich culture and heritage that we got from our ancestors and there is no dearth of magnificent palaces all over India. These places are still taken care of by the families of the king and queen and some of them owned by the government. The beauty palaces hold here can give a tough time to Buckingham Palace for their money.

Let's take a look at some of the lavish and grand palaces in India where you can stay with your family or friends while travelling around and making memories.

1. Noor-Us-Sabah, Bhopal

Name only gives you a royal kind of feeling and trust us the design and architecture of this palace. Noor Us Sabah means The Light Of Dawn and it is a posh and spacious residence of Bhopal. It is situated at the top of the Vindhya Hills which will give you the feeling of Nawabs.

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2. Kasmanda Palace, Mussoorie

This Palace is the summer home for the royal family of Kasmanda which is built in 1832 and it is one of the oldest buildings of Mussoorie. The architecture of the Palace is like a church as it is built by Captain Rennie Tailour of the Bengal Engineers. At present Rajkumar Dinraj Pratap Singhji with his family comes to visit the premises from time to time. Kasmanda Palace is an actual living museum, unlike most heritage hotels.

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3. Samode Palace, Jaipur

Built as the residence of the rulers of Samode, this Haveli is 225 years old. Situated only 250 km from Delhi, it's also a perfect weekend trip you can make and this will make you feel like your grandfather's home with the structure.

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4. Woodville Palace, Shimla

This palace will offer you an era when Shimla was the summer capital of the Raj and British Socialites mingled at tea parties and gala evenings with Indian Aristocracy. Each room of this place has it's own individual character and is inspired by the 1930's art deco era. The Hollywood Bar in the palace is dedicated to Maharani Brinda Devi, a progressive lady for her times can be seen in both Western & Indian Attire.

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Well, where you are heading to after seeing the pictures and reading about the history?

by Soniya Kaur | Thu, Aug 09 - 11:08 AM

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