A Pakoda Seller Surrendered Rs 60 Lakhs To Income Tax Department

In an interview, once Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that selling pakoras on the street meant employment. As soon as the statement went viral, people poked fun at PM Modi. The opposition Congress party too had mocked Prime Minister over the statement that selling pakoras too was a form of self-employment. While his supporters said the detractors must consider the dignity of labor and that entrepreneurship was way better than waiting for sarkari largesse. But, at that time nobody knew that a ‘pakora’ seller in Ludhiana will prove him right. In fact, he will go far exceed his expectations.

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Yes, we are talking about Panna Singh pakorewala who on Friday morning surrendered Rs 60 lakh to the Income Tax department. He surrendered the money after a day-long survey conducted on Thursday. Income Tax department took action on his two outlets. One at Gill Road, and another at Model Town. The action was taken after the income tax got specific inputs that the pakorewala was suppressing his actual income.

Under the principal commissioner DS Chaudhary, I-T department's teams scrutinized the financial records of the enterprise of Panna Singh and checked his daily sale as well. On Thursday, an officer stationed at the cash counter of both the outlets for the entire day and checked the daily sales of the outlets. Seeing the accounts, the IT department calculated the approximate annual tax liability of his enterprise. They verified it with his income tax returns, and how much tax he paid in the recent years.

However, the Income Tax department has not spoken anything about the action’s outcome. But, on the other hand, Dev Raj, the owner of the pakora shops who surrendered Rs 60 lakh to the Income Tax department as his undisclosed income has confirmed the news.

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The pakora shop was established in the year 1952 by late Panna Singh. He set up a small ‘pakora’ shop at Gill Road. The pakora shop over the time became a household name. It is famous not only in Punjab but also in other states for its special Paneer Pakora and Dahi Bhalla. People including politicians, bureaucrats, police officials, and renowned businessmen come to this pakora shop.

Says the source, on Thursday in another action by the Income Tax department, a store in Miller Ganj which deals in dry fruits surrendered Rs 1 crore as its undisclosed income.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Oct 07 - 04:09 PM

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