A Painter Is All Over Internet For His Soulful Singing Of Bollywood Songs

Social media has become a special place that keep on introducing new talented people to us on a daily basis.

Now, this time it's the expressive voice of this manual worker from Pakistan who has become a sensation on the web.

A user uploaded the video and wrote, “So I saw this on fb and decided we need to make this guy just as famous if not more than the #chaiwala. Apparently he’s from Pakistan and just listen to his voice for yourself”

The singing sensation in the video recording is Muhammad Arif, a common painter from the country of Pakistan, and he is definitely crooning the popular Bollywood number ‘Humari Adhoori Kahaani’ extraordinarily.

Not just this, he has also given his voice to a few other touching Bollywood numbers and it is way too wonderful.


Arif also has a personal Facebook page, which has around 11000 followers and he has also appealed the viewers to make his music videos viral all over the web.

And the people all over the social platform also praised the man and blessed him. They helped turning this person a web sensation in no time.

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A user wrote, " This is beautiful at the cloud level. His voice is so so much better than most of the singer who use autotune. He sang at the best level without any instrument and autotone. He is god himself."

Other tweets read:

"This man deserves to go viral, to all my brown friends please rt this he needs a right platform to show his talent. His name is Arif"

"I’m more impressed with his work ethics. He keeps working as he sings. Bravo!"

"@cokestudio atleast in coke explorer you can give him a chance."

"This is the most soothing voice i've ever heard!"

This man has really captivated people with his great voice. We wish him all the best and hope his great talent finds the platform it deserves.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Aug 05 - 11:39 AM

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