Passengers form long queues at Mumbai’s Borivali station instead of crowding

Mumbai is a city full of life and huge population also. The city is always filled with people and this is why the connectivity of transportation in the city is made advanced making it easy for people to reach out places. The traffic found on roads is something remains uncontrolled. Talking about the local transportation service used in Mumbai, the Local train system, daily crore of people use the local trains to travel in order to avoid the traffic on roads and curb money on spending for daily travels.

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People living in Mumbai uses this mode of transport to reach out places as it is cheaper mode of transport and cut shots time. So we can aptly say that in life of Mumbai people, local train plays important role in daily basis. The rush spotted at each and every station is uncountable as it is in thousands and more every day.  People are always in rush to catch the train and pushing people next to them is common thing to watch if you ever happen to travel through local trains in Mumbai.

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What leaves all of us shocked and impiety is that a rare picture of passengers from Borivali station standing in the queue waiting for the train to reach the platform. If we see this in any other country, this would not be shocking to see considering the fact that people tend to follow rules in other countries. But seeing something like this in India is an extraordinary thing that leaves the internet shocked. Expecting a rule of order to be followed especially inside the station in Mumbai is just unbelievable. This photograph shared on social media is leaving everybody amused on the internet and this pick has gone viral on social media.

The picture is from Borivali station, where people form a queue waiting to board the train. When we figured out to find out where did the idea came from? A local redact described it saying that the scene had come from the AC train compartment where people came up with the idea of forming a queue at the station.  However, this is not the first time that people left us in sheer disbelief. Last year also at Andheri- Vihar local station, the queue formed by men and women also left us shocked. We hope to continue to see such trend being adopted by every local train user soon.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, May 06 - 12:35 PM

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