Om Shanti Om Was A Perfect Love Story With Comedy, Romance And Deep Emotions

Bollywood is known for making a variety of movies every year. Some of the well-known genres in Bollywood are comedy, action, biopic and thriller. The love stories have always been favourite of Bollywood lovers.

When we mention romance, no one can forget the King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan. Deepika Padukone, who has now become the number one actress in the industry, debuted with a film opposite SRK and an epic love story was created called Om Shanti Om.

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Directed by Farah Khan, the film revolved around an actress 'Shanti Priya' who is a sensation in the 90s and Om, who is a junior artist is in love with her, unaware about a harsh truth.

One day, Shanti was shooting for a scene surrounded by fire. Suddenly it went out of hand and Shanti gets stuck in it. No one dared to jump in, but Om risked his life, jumped in and saved her. This way they became friends.

Soon they started meeting and that is when 'Main Agar Kahoon' song comes. After some days, Shanti starts to ignore Om so Om followed her one day and saw that she met a famous producer Mukesh and that she was married to him. Shanti reveals that she is going to be the mother of Mukesh's child so now they should not hide their marriage and make it public.

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Mukesh later tricked her and cheated on her life. Om tried to save her but lost his life too. Mukesh escaped from there. An actor, superstar of that time noticed Om and tried to save him but in vain. Years passed by, Om was born as to the same superstar and was himself a young superstar.

After him winning an award, a grand party was arranged where Salman, Priyanka, Rani, Saif, Shilpa, Kajol, etc made a special appearance in the song 'Om Shanti Om'. At the end of the song, Mukesh appears as the friend of Om's father. After seeing him, Om goes in flashback and remembers his past life and what happened to Shanti.

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He then goes to meet his mother and best friend from past life. They all decide to get justice for Shanti. Om and his team decide to approach Mukesh for re-starting the film 'Om Shanti Om' which was earlier made especially for Shanti years ago and convinces Mukesh too.

Om plans to scare Mukesh with Shanti's look alike so that he admits his deeds to the law but couldn't find anyone closer to Shanti for days. However, one day, at the last, he finds a perfect look-alike of Shanti, Sandy.

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Sandy gets selected instantly and she is as crazy for Om as Om was crazy for Shanti in his past life. She unaware of the main mission takes things for granted and gets scolding from Om. Om then tells the whole story to Sandy and Sandy readily helps him then on. She completely transforms into the character of Shanti.

Om then selects and renovates the same set where the story of him and Shanti had ended. Sandy was not the actress but was to scare Mukesh such that no one notices her. Many events occur in the film where Mukesh gets scared according to Om's plan but at the end becomes aware of Sandy.

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After a song describing Shanti's life, the set catches fire, where Mukesh and Om are only stuck. When Sandy comes as per plan, Mukesh tries to harm her but Om saves her on time. om instructs her to run away but she stays and starts describing what happened years ago on that night which even Om didn't know. Suddenly the 'Jhumar' falls on Mukesh and he pays for his deeds.

Suddenly Sandy enters from another room asking if Om was fine. Om gets stunned to see Sandy at two places and realises that the first girl was Shanti's spirit and not Sandy. Om and Shanti look into each other's eyes with love and tears. Shanti then finally departs after a goodbye to Om and the film ends with an emotional note.

The film was a hit and became the highest grosser of that year.

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