Oli loses vote of confidence in House of Representatives, new govt to be formed in Nepal

Nepal Prime minister, KP Sharma Oli, leader of Nepal Communist Party loses a trust vote in parliament on Monday. He is set to submit his resignation soon. Nepal President Bidhya Devi Bhandari prorogued the country's Parliament after the no- confidence motion was taken. This gives an opening to Oli to remain in power by bypassing the House's decision.

In the vote of confidence placed before the 271- member House of Representatives, Oli secured only 93 votes in favour against the opposition of 124 votes. 15 members stayed neutral. The session was attended by only 232 lawmakers. Around 28 members who were a part of Oli's rival faction led by Madhav Nepal- Jhala Nath Khanal, refused from the entire voting process. Janta Samajbadi Party which has 32 votes, however, was divided. While the Mahanta Thakur led faction preferred to remain neutral, the Upendra Yadav led group voted against Oli.

After Oli lost the votes and was forced to resign, President called the major political parties to form a new government within three days. However, Oli can still retain power if the House fails to form a majority government within the stipulated time frame. The CPN Maoist led by Oli's rival P K Dahal Prachanda may make an alliance with the Nepali Congress soon. If the House fails to form a government, the President can invoke Article 76(3) to appoint as PM the leader of the party that has the highest number of members in the House.

The political turbulence in Nepal is stirred by the rivalry between Prachanda and Oli, the two strong leaders of the country. Last week, the CPN Maoist led by Prachanda decided to withdrew the support from the government making the situation grim for Oli. In last December, the President had unilaterally under the advise of Oli declared the dissolution of the Parliament and fresh elections. This was the last straw in the constitutional crisis.

While Oli was largely inclined towards India and begged for support from his Indian counterparts to remain in power, Prachanda is predicted to be leaning towards China. The formation of new government is crucial for India to keep its borders and neighboring relations secured.

by Tapasya Iyer | Tue, May 11 - 01:32 PM

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