Cute Old couple dancing on 80’s song, made us realize how the definition of love has changed these days

Admit it, we all like dancing and it is one of those things which makes any person stress free and he or she easily get into a good mood after dancing. There are many foot tapping dance number on which one can start dancing without giving a second thought to it. These days remixes and reprise versions of songs are going on in the market but one can never forget the song era of 80's and how melodious they are and still, you can find those beautiful songs in many of the people's playlist. Also, you can find the 80's or 90's old songs easily available on online songs applications.

The Internet is seriously a weird place where anything can go viral in seconds and there are many who rose to fame only by the internet where there pictures and videos made them famous like the dancing uncle Sanjeev Shrivastava.

A video has gone viral on the internet where an old cute couple can be seen dancing and people can't stop adoring the duo and shared the video over 7.8K times and viewed by 439K users. The video is shared by a Facebook user Adarsh Hegde on 9th August. In the video, the couple is dancing on the 80s song Footloose which was released in 1984, Kenny Loggins.

Take a look at the picture of this super cute couple that we can't stop gushing about:

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It is still unknown who they are and where this video has been shot but this couple rocked in the video and remind us that take some time for your partners that we always have taken for granted and remain busy. This couple defines the old age love just like Love Aaj Kal movie where an old man tells the young one how it feels to be in love.

Have a look at the video and enjoy as just like them and take some lessons from this adorable couple, on how to live life happily.

Aren't they the cutest and super adorable? Share the video and made them realize that people are loving them dancing together.

by Soniya Kaur | Tue, Aug 14 - 04:05 PM

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