Oil Rig Workers Rescued a Dog Who Swam 135 Miles Away from Thailand Coast

An oil rig worker saved an exhausted dog that swam off Thailand coast. As per the reports, the dog swam for more than 220 Kilometers. The rescuers gave a name to the tan-colored animal that says 'Boonrod'. The meaning of the term is 'Survivor from Karma'. On Friday, the rig workers found the head of the dog moving in the waves in the Gulf of Thailand at the time of fishing in the ocean.


As of now, the dog is gradually recovering in Songkhla under the protection of a vet. The Chevron worker namely Vitisak Payalaw is the one who rescued the god and posted it on the social networking platform Facebook. He posted the picture and wrote, 'Since he came onto the platform, he didn’t cry or bark at all. He likely lost a lot of body water from the sea water.'


He also said that he would adopt the dog soon after it recovers. From a video posted by the Animal Rights Group, Watchdog Thailand, we can witness Boonrod was invited on to the shore. The workers near the shore greeted the dog using lei of yellow flowers and a plethora of neck scratches from the port workers.


After rescuing the dog, they cleaned the dog and gave some freshwater alongside an electrolyte to drink. The rescuer said that it looked truly exhausted and ran out of energy. The dog didn't move an inch after bringing it onto the shore. It started shaking and couldn't stand.


As per the report, the Animal Protection Group Watchdog Thailand took the dog to the rescue center and announced that it was in good shape. If the rescuer's words are true then, he might soon adopt the dog and takes it to his house in North-East Thailand.

by Mamatha Reddy | Thu, Apr 18 - 12:03 PM

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