Nutella is hiring 60 non-professionals for testing their delicious products

Nutella is the only thing that many people loves to eat as it goes with pancakes, top a slice of cake or strawberry or even people eat with banana's too. It goes with everything and those who live in a hostel or away from family or for those who have midnight hunger, Nutella is a life saver.

So here's a good news for all Nutella lovers. According to The Local, The Ferrero Company (makers of Nutella) is looking for non-professionals to get on board and taste test their delicious products — essentially, a Nutella taste tester. The ultimate dream job of many has arrived. Those who apply and get selected will become SENSORY JUDGES who will be working for two hours, two days a week at the Ferrero headquarters in Alba, a charming town in Piedmont, Italy without any experience required. Soremartec Italia, who conduct research and development for Ferrero, said in the job listing: "We are looking for people who would like to learn how to taste cocoa, hazelnut grains, and other semifinished sweet products."

Working for 2 days that too for two hours only, it will be twice the fun- eating Nutella that too without spending money. Good offer- guys in Italy, if you are interested- get ready.

There are 60 positions for the same and it's the first time that the company is hiring non-professionals for their team instead opting to train "regular consumers" for three months hoping to develop their sense of taste and smell. Basically it the job of eating for your living and only wants that you should enjoy chocolatey products without any allergies and give them the feedback and get paid for it.

As soon as you pass the test you will be hired for the new positions at the end of September. You will get trained for three by paying a fixed amount. In three months of training, you will get educated for taste testers' sense of smell and taste and improve their ability to express their opinions of the semi-finished products they're tasting. Also, as the job is in Italy you will be required a bit of translating (Italian). Eventually, two official taste testing panels will be formed out of 20 of the original applicants who will then be able to take on a more involved role, as said by a leading portal.

by Soniya Kaur | Sun, Aug 12 - 11:19 AM

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