NRI Punjabi Woman Told Man To Calm The Hell Down Because She Was Having Tea

Usually, when someone unknowingly knocks on your doorstep, you panic and hesitate. This becomes more evident when someone knocks or calls at odd hours. Now imagine yourself in a shop, with all the things you sell kept in open and someone comes to threaten you at gunpoint and ask you to give the person all cash! How would you react and what would you do? You would obviously give in to the fear and give all your cash to the person!

But imagine what happened when a robber came to this woman's shop and what she did! If you hear what she did, you will want every woman to be as brave as her.

Here is the story of this brave woman:

You have to agree to this that every woman has a good and bad side to her. The good side is always shown when deserved and the bad side is shown when someone messes with her.

Every woman has the capability to fight her own battles. Similarly is the case with Karamjit Kaur Sangha, a resident of Hull, England is one of those women you don’t want to mess up with.

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This brave woman was chilling and having a cup of tea when an armed robber hung around at her store, ‘Sangha News and Booze’ and kept on asking her for money. The robber had a 7-inch kitchen knife on him.

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When asked if she was scared. She said:

"I was just sitting there having my cup of tea when he came in holding this 7-inch kitchen knife. He told me to give him all the money, but I was relaxed. I told him I was having a cup of tea."

Karmjit did not approve of the way he was holding his knife. She said, “I didn’t like the way he was holding his knife…it was sharp and so I put my cup of tea down.”

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"I said 'OK' and picked up the craft knife and waved at him. I wouldn't have hurt him but it was enough to scare him. He started shaking and then he ran off."

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She reported the crime and the UK police caught him in 30 minutes of time. He is sentenced to five years of jail.

And that’s how a woman does it!

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