North Korea says there are no coronavirus infections again: Find out what the WHO has to say about this

North Korea has told the WHO that it has screened 25,986 people for the coronavirus since April, but has yet to find a single infection.

North Korea's testing statistics include 751 people who were screened between April 23 and 29, with 139 having influenza-like illnesses or serious respiratory infections, according to the WHO's weekly monitoring survey. Given North Korea's weak health infrastructure and porous border with China, experts are skeptical of its assertion of a perfect record in keeping Covid-19 out.

North Korea's anti-virus efforts have been characterized as a "matter of national existence." Tourists have been banned, diplomats have been flown out, and cross-border traffic and trade have been heavily limited.

North Korea has stopped disclosing how many people it has quarantined this year, but previously stated that it had quarantined tens of thousands of people who had shown symptoms.

by Ananya | Tue, May 11 - 01:43 PM

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