Neil Nitin’s father sings lullaby for his grand daughter Nurvi, pictures are adorable

Babies are the cutest gift of God and recently Neil Nitin Mukesh is blessed with a sweet baby girl whom they named Nurvi. The child was born on 20th September 2018 and the duo became the proud parents on this day.

The couple is on cloud nine these days stepping in the new phase of their life. It's really exciting to see them now being the parents of a cute little angel. After two days of the baby's birth, Neil and Rukmini named their little daughter as Nurvi and announced it on the social media along with the meaning of the name which means precious. Yes, of course, the meaning is beautiful and also the angel is precious for their parents.


The whole family is so happy and glad about the birth of the little fairy, and Neil wrote on his social media account, “Rukmini and I are proud to announce the arrival of our darling daughter, Nurvi. The entire Mukesh family is elated. Both mother and daughter are well by the Grace of God”.

And now, yet another picture of the cute angel is out and Nurvi is looking so cute to bring a smile on our faces. Nitin Mukesh is a well-known singer and now a grandfather of the cute infant took to his Instagram handle and shared a pic of Nurvi in which daadu is enjoying his time with his poti (granddaughter). In fact, it seems that he is trying to put her to sleep by singing a lullaby. He captioned the following pic as, “LALLA LALLA LORI , DOODH KI KATORI , DOODH MEIN BATASHA , “NURVI” KARE TAMASHA”.


On Daughter’s Day, September 23, 2018, Neil on Instagram handles and shared the first family picture along with his wife, Rukmini and new-born daughter, Nurvi. He was immensely filled with emotions and feelings, Neil wrote, “NOW EVERYDAY IS DAUGHTERS DAY”. And that proves that 'girls are more attached to their fathers'.


Well, we just want to give our good wishes to the family, stay blessed.


by Shifa Naz | Mon, Oct 08 - 04:33 PM

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