A Newborn Named Narendra Modi By Parents After Being Born On May 23

The chants of Modi, Modi, Modi… can still be heard across the country and world after Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party secured a massive victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The nation is all set to be work in Narendra Modi’s leadership and progress to make our country the best. The happiness level is so high that a couple in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh decided to call their son Narendra Modi who was born recently.

Yes, you read that right. The name of mother Menaj Begum and her husband’s newborn kid is Narendra Modi.

According to reports, her kid was born on the day the results of election were announced and that’s 23 May.

She called her husband to tell the news for being blessed with a baby. Her husband was in Dubai at that time. The husband asked her whether Narendra Modi has won the elections and she replied with yes. That’s when they decided to call their kid, Narendra Modi.

In an interview, mother told, “My son was born on 23 May, I called my husband who is in Dubai and he asked 'Has Narendra Modi won?' so I named my son Narendra Modi. I want my son to do good work like Modi ji and be as successful as him.”

BJP president Amit Shah recently declared that Narendra Modi has been elected as the leader of the NDA parliamentary board and that he will lead the country and serve as the next Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi all took blessings from veteran leader of the party, LK Advani at the NDA meeting.

by Lokendra Sharma | Mon, May 27 - 03:17 PM

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