‘Never lie, especially not to your husband’, says Soha Ali Khan at a book launch

Renowned Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan recently launched Deepa Rajani’s Book "The Magic In You-Awaken Your Soul". She shared many hilarious stories with the attendees, about her life, career and at the end what she learned from all her mistakes. Bollywood Actress Soha Ali Khan has been part of several Bollywood movies like Rang De Basanti, Tum Mile, Ahista Ahista and others.

Soha Ali khan who recently launched Deepa Rajani’s Book, The Magic In You — Awaken Your Soul, shared many hilarious stories with the attendees, about her life, career and at the end, what she learned from all her mistakes. As the book speaks about miracles in life, Soha Ali Khan shared an instance of her own life where she lost a purse on a trip and decided to keep it from her husband Kunal Kemmu.

“I must have left in a cab that I took to get back to the hotel. So I literally went to the store to buy the exact same purse, rushed to an ATM to replace the cash inside it. And all of this just so Kunal wouldn't find out and worry about it,” said Soha Ali Khan.

She said that she did not believe in miracles before this incident but what happened after was something truly magical. The next day Kunal and Soha took a cab which happened to be the same one that Soha had lost her wallet in.

When Kunal saw the wallet lying down in the cab, he was surprised. Soha then had to explain the whole ordeal to him. “If this wasn't a miracle, I don't know what it was.” She went on to add, “It was a way of the universe to teach me a valuable lesson, never lie. Especially not to your husband,” she said with a chuckle on her face.

“When I learnt that we truly are divine, limitless beings, made up of energy, with the gift of freewill to create our own reality - through our thoughts, deeds and actions it was like an awakening, like a bulb lighting up inside me. And that’s when the magic began,” says Soha Ali Khan's friend and the book's author Deepa Rajani.

by Riya Sharma | Sat, Feb 13 - 11:35 AM

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