Netizens debates on the best method to brew a perfect cup of tea

People in India are very possessive about one thing, it's tea. Everybody has their own concept of how some tea ought to be like and how it ought to be made. Anyway, let me toss the inquiry over to you, what is the right method for making tea, or chai, as we affectionately know it?


A rant by a Twitter user, Joel Gilby, on Twitter has started a discussion about how tea ought to be made. Gilby tweeted, "simply can't trust people who don't leave the tea bag to steep in the cup for a bit.think you can get enough depth of flavor just by squashing it a lot with the back of a teaspoon? the pomposity. the ego. leave the room and leave it."

To be completely honest, squashing the tea pack with the back of the spoon is JUST NOT COOL. That isn't the manner by which you make tea! That isn't the way you get the flavour!


In any case, everybody has their own specific manner of getting ready tea. Some like it with milk and sugar others like to taste sizzling black tea.

However, the order in which tea is prepared has been an evergreen topic for chai lovers. Some pour milk first and then tea leaves and water later while others do it in a different way! At that point, there are the individuals who favor just to dip a tea bag in high temp water to make their tea.


What's more, the right method for making an ideal cup of tea has mixed a discussion on the web. While some said that they don't expel the tea bag until the cup is unfilled, some said they evacuate the tea bag soon after two or three stirs.


Normally, a huge number of people globally has tweeted and retweeted the post showing their presence in the issue:


by Lokendra Sharma | Tue, Aug 20 - 01:55 PM

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