Netflix and Hotstar had a comical fight; Twitterati enjoys a lot

Netflix and Hotstar just had comical rapport chitchat on the web and it is the most excellent thing you will observe at the moment.

It all commenced with an easy tweet, which the streaming services provider had shared on its authorized social media handle.

Netflix, which is acknowledged for sharing offbeat tweets and boasting of an amusing Twitter handle, shared on the social networking site, "We hang out every weekend. We eat all our meals together. Your parents know about us. Hate to break it to you, but we may be in a serious relationship."

After Netflix made a special tweet, a Twitter user @marathimanu commented on the thread stating, "We need to talk. I have been cheating on you with @HotstarPremium."

After which Hotstar had to respond to the special tweet and they noticeably did with a side-splitting response stating, "Sorry, not sorry."

However it did not finish there. Netflix was not prepared to concede defeat, so they also responded with a cheeky remark to Hotstar’s response stating, "We don't mind you experimenting with a hot star but they'd never make you stream like we do."

After which Hotstar shared the link of an internet series named Insecure, with the special caption, "Insecure. Now streaming."

This is the finest talk we have witnessed happening on Twitter and truthfully, we are enjoying rib-tickling chitchat.

Other users too became the part of the chitchat and a few people tagged Amazon Prime Video as well. The side-splitting thread is turing viral.

by Neetu Panwar | Mon, May 27 - 04:02 PM

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