Nail clipping, Pajama Change, Barefoot On Seat: Strange Stuff People Do On Planes

If you have been on plane, you would have come across at least one person that did strange things.  There are times when the passengers change into their comfy ware like pajamas when they are on long flights and it happens more frequently than you would think.  Passenger named John Gray owns a company that sells gift baskets in London and he admits to changing into his jammies on long flights.

He said, "I like to wear my Pikachu onesie," he says. "It's super comfy and helps me get a good night's sleep on long-haul flights. I usually get a smile from everybody who sees me and nobody has ever said something weird."

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A retired occupational therapist from Incline Village, Nev says, "Children in pajamas on a plane are one thing," and "Grown-ups are quite another - and, I would suggest, a no-no."  Coming to the first-class passengers, Lauren Gulifoyle of Emirates Airline says the plane offers sleepwear with "moisturizing" qualities to first-class passengers. She says, "The natural ingredients of shea butter and argan oil are released as you move, so your skin stays moisturized and protected.”

Strange things people do in midair 

April Masini, an etiquette expert based in New York, has the following advice: "Grown-ups should not wear pajamas on a plane."  She says, "they are exhibitionists looking for attention," and you should probably expect more and stranger behavior from them, especially if the flight is long." 

Not just putting on pajamas, but many removes their shoes and socks and stay bare foot all the time on the plane.  "It's a personal-space invasion," says Lori Geoffroy, a frequent air traveler from San Francisco who channeled her distaste for this type of behavior into her business. Her company, Ickerz, sells a line of novelty stationery products featuring cartoon animals stuck in (I'm not making this up) "smelly situations."

In another incident, A man across the aisle calmly removed his shoes and socks and began clipping his toenails. "After finishing his toenails and fingernails, he then got a bottle of clear nail polish and proceeded to start painting his nails.”  

by Neetu Panwar | Fri, Aug 02 - 01:22 PM

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