Mumbaikars work the longest hours in the world, says UBS report, hats off to them

Mumbai is known as the city that never stops. It is also called as the place, which never sleeps. And now one more feather has been added to its cap that the most famous Indian city works the hardest.

As per the facts of the research by Swiss investment bank UBS, an average worker in the city works for around 3,315 hours in a period of 12 months, which is the maximum working hours across the globe.

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According to Price And Earnings 2018 statement, Swiss investment bank UBS reviewed 77 cities all over globe on several parameters comprising average yearly hours of working.

It showcases that staff in the cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Mexico City, Hanoi, and Bogota worked the most number of hours in a period of 12 months as against the staff in cities such as Moscow, Paris, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Rome and Lagos which worked the fewest hours.

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In its statement, UBS sated that between the months of January to April 2018, it gathered more than 75,000 records points from these 77 places. The report released the outcomes crosswise several indicators like cost levels, income levels and buying power in these places.

Possibly owing to the hefty working hours, staff working in the city of Mumbai also took among the fewest vacation days. The number remained at just 10 days. Workers in cities such as Los Angeles, Beijing, Hanoi and Lagos also attributed in the record of less number of holidays.

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Riyadh, where staff took 37 off days in a period of 12 months, remained at the top of the list. Staff in cities like Moscow, St Petersburg, Barcelona and Doha all took over 30 off days in a period of 12 months.

Staff in Zurich are the best off in this regard and required to work just 38 hours before they can have the funds for an iPhone X. Staff in Geneva, Los Angeles, Miami and Nicosia too wanted to work below 100 hours before being capable of buying one of the most classy smartphones available in the market.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jun 04 - 12:49 PM

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