Mumbai Man Sells His Rs 22 Lakh SUV To Help Procure Oxygen Cylinders For The Needy

The second wave of the health crisis has hit India very severely and many people have succumbed to it. The positive cases are rising day by day and the whole healthcare facility is under tremendous pressure. As the condition of many patients is serious, there has been a shortage of oxygen cylinders to save these lives.

The frontline workers, especially the doctors and nurses have been working round the clock but they are also in need of certain resources to save their patients. The condition in the country is worsening every day, in the past 24 hours more than 3,00,000 cases were recorded while thousands passed away.

Owing to these conditions, the healthcare system in India has been stretched thin. The ICU units are full, ventilators are not easily available, the patients are even struggling to find beds in hospitals. During these hard times, many people are making good use of social media and are providing all the necessary information in regards to the ongoing health crisis.

Amid such circumstances, a Mumbai man has emerged as a hero and being touted as the ‘Oxygen Man’ in his local area. A resident of Mumbai’s Malad area, Sheikh has been working tirelessly to provide oxygen cylinder to the ones in need.

It will be interesting to know that this isn’t the first time that Sheikh has offered help. He has been active since 2020 when the calamity first struck India. In 2021, he and his team have set up a control room in order to communicate effectively with the ones asking for help.

The man is so passionate about what he is doing that he even sold his SUV worth Rs 22 lakh last year. He did this to help people in his locality. The reports claim that after he sold his Ford Endeavor, Sheikh was able to procure 160 cylinders for patients.

Ever since Sheikh and his team have started their work, they have helped more than 4000 people. Netizens are lauding the efforts of this man and his team and are saying that India needs more such people during the time of crisis.

by siddhi ajgoankar | Fri, Apr 23 - 09:59 AM

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