Mumbai Kids Come Out With A Simple Way to Control Water Wastage While Flushing

As per latest reports, a group of youngsters who study in the city of Mumbai, have discovered a solution with the aim to put control over the water wastage, which happens in toilets on a daily basis.

‘Team Livewire’ that comprises pupils from classes 6th to 8th in different educational institutions in the city, has found out two solutions to challenge this water wastage.

One is a household modification, which each and every person can bring about themselves, and the other is a prototype sensing element, which can get set up in your toilets.

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Rohan Shenoy, Dhruva Iyer, Chaitanya Raghavan, Sidak Arora, Shaommik Kelkar and Dhruva Jain invent Team Livewire and recommend gearing up two 500 ml bottles in the tank of your flush.

In this manner, the tank will not fill up, and when you make use of your flush, only the required quantity of water will get used. This will help in saving the quantity of water we flush on a daily basis by half!

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In addition to this homespun solution, the pupils are also trying their luck making a sensing element named “Flexi Flush”.

Making use of the special tagline, “Every flush saves”, the hardworking Mumbai lads are formulating a sensing element, which will assess the quantity of water, which gets used in a commode.

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In addition, this will help save water by using the required quantity of water.

While talking to media people, Dhruva said, “Flushing takes up a large amount of water at the household level, and our aim is to save water that is wasted in the process. The sensors, if fitted in the commode, would dispense just the correct amount of water, thus, avoiding wastage.”

The Flexi Flush will be the nation’s official foray into the ‘First Lego League’ worldwide rivalry, which will take place in Estonia during June.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Jun 28 - 04:07 PM

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