Mumbai Fishermen Win A Jackpot, Got A Giant 30 Kg Fish And Sold It For Rs 5.5 Lakhs

Mumbai fisherman won a lottery through his work. Now you must be wondering what exactly did he do to win a lottery worth lakhs? Well, he caught a fish which was very huge and weighed 30 kilograms. That made him the superstar and a rich person too. This man was Palghar resident and a fisherman who caught a fish worth lakhs of rupees.

Two fishermen brothers in Maharashtra’s Palghar district netted a ‘ghol’ fish. Here are some facts of the ghol fish:

The ghol fish is known for its medicinal value.

It is in high demand in various countries.

The ghol fish, a type of croaker, has a good market in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

It is considered among the most expensive variety of the marine fish.

Its heart is known as the ‘sea gold’, which is said to have medicinal properties and is an important ingredient in making a variety of medicines.

The fish was sold at Rs 5.5 lakhs. Mahesh Meher and Bharat Meher are brothers and they are the natives of Morbe village in Palghar, set out for fishing in the Arabian Sea last week and returned on Sunday late night with a huge 30 kg ghol fish.

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While the siblings were startled to have netted a giant-size fish, they did not realise then that they were going to make a fortune out of their prized catch. The brothers, elated over their precious possession, said after they brought the fish ashore, it got auctioned in just 20 minutes yesterday. An export house bought it for Rs 5.5 lakh, they claimed.

The duo said they had set out for fishing last week after a long break due to the 45-day ban on venturing in the waters during the monsoon season.

“This was really a good catch. We were delighted as it was like striking ‘gold’ in our fishing net along with other fish varieties,” the siblings told reporters at the seashore in Morbe yesterday.

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“We are into fishing since the last two decades and had only heard about such a huge ghol fish. But, with this fish catch, we actually had a wonderful experience and it also got sold for a good price,” they said.

They have under financial crisis and said now they would be able to get their boat and net repaired.


When people got to know about this, many traders got in touch with the fishermen and they finally sold it for Rs 5.5 lakh.

Well, isn't this a good news? What do you think?

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