Mumbai Doctor Broke Down Seeing The Current Pandemic Situation; Says ‘We Are Helpless’

"We are helpless... never seen such a situation before... people are panicking..." these are the concerned words of an overworked and disturbed Mumbai medical specialist who was crying inconsolably as an storm of pandemic positive patients threatens to hit the medicinal infrastructure in one of the world's major cities.

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A special request has been made by Dr Trupti Gilada, an infectious diseases specialist, got shared widely on April 20. The scale of the pandemic - the lack of hospital beds, ever-rising daily novel pandemic cases, shortage of vaccines and vital drugs such as Remdesivir, and the oxygen crisis - becomes clear.


At the beginning of the 5-minute video recording, Dr Gilada said, "I have never seen anything like this... we are so helpless. Like many doctors I am troubled... I don't know what to do... I am heart-broken. Maybe if I tell you what worries me... if I can help you understand, I might be more at peace.”

"We have to manage so many patients... critically ill patients are being treated at home because there are no beds... we are not enjoying this...," she added, and started crying at this point.

Struggling to put control over herself, Dr Gilada then talked about the special three steps that each and every single individual including man, woman or child must take to confront the pandemic.

"First... please stay safe. If you have not yet gotten pandemic... or you were infected but have recovered... don't think you are a superhero or that you have some immunity... you are wrong. We are seeing so many young people get infected... and we can't help them," she stated.

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The crying Dr Gilada added, "Don't want any of you to be in this situation.”

"Second... the pandemic is everywhere! If you leave home, for whatever reason, you HAVE TO WEAR YOUR MASK. It doesn't matter why you are going out... but you have to wear face masks, and make sure your nose is fully covered," she said.

"Third... if you get unwell, if you feel unwell... don't panic and try to get admitted. There is no space at any hospital... and the few beds we have we need for critically ill patients. First isolate yourself, get in touch with your doctor... and let us decide..." Dr Gilada made a special request.

by Ricky Tandon | Wed, Apr 21 - 12:08 PM

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