Mumbai Couple Booked In 2019 Qatar Narcotic Substance Case Return Home

Back in 2019, a Mumbai-based couple Oniba and Sharique Qureshi were sentenced to 10 years in jail. It was in regards to a narcotic substance case in Qatar. Now, the couple has returned home on Thursday with their daughter.

According to a Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) official informed that the couple landed at the Mumbai airport at 2:30 AM. The husband-wife duo reportedly has been cleared of all the charges levied against them after it came into understanding that a family member of theirs had planted narcotics in their bag without them knowing about the same.

In July 2019, Oniba and Sharique Qureshi were taken into custody at Hamad International Airport. It was after the authorities recovered 4.1 kg of narcotics in their bag. However, the authorities later came to know that it was Sharique’s aunt, Tabassum Qureshi who had used them to transport the narcotic substance. The rumours also state that it was Tabassum who had sponsored the trip for the couple.

When the whole incident took place, Sharique was an employee at a Japanese company, whereas his wife Oniba had just learned that she was expecting a child. The latter delivered a baby girl last year in February in jail. She has named her little angel Aayat.

The couple’s family members rushed into the matter and asked the Indian government to intervene. Following the family’s pressure, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) got in touch with the authorities who had detained the couple is Qatar.

Later, the family went on to challenge the lower court order convicting the couple. The efforts didn’t go to waste and eventually Oniba and Sharique Qureshi were cleared of all charges.

The couple and their daughter are now back in Mumbai and will definitely be looking forward to starting a new chapter in their lives leaving behind whatever has had happened.

by siddhi ajgoankar | Fri, Apr 16 - 10:58 AM

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