Mumbai Beach Is Filled With Tonnes Of Garbage After Arabian Sea Throws It Back To The Shore  

Rains have already created a lot of troubles in various cities of our country. Cities like Mumbai that witnessed heavy rains made the city standstill for a while. The roads, houses and lanes were all submerged in water making difficult for people to step out of the house.

Well, apart from this, the potholes, traffic jam were adding more trouble to the commuters who faced difficulty to find their way back to a safe place.

Another place which was highly affected by this was the beaches which have literally turned into a dumping ground. Heavy rainfall this past week has once again washed ashore tons of garbage on the city's Juhu beach.

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The government has banned plastic which was highly affecting the environment. With many lauding the state government's decision, the horrifying photos from Juhu beach raise the question of what is being to dispose garbage in the state responsibly. Amidst all this, the horrifying pictures of Mumbai’s Juhu beach are floating on the social media which has left everyone shocked.

Many concerned citizens have taken various measures to keep the city clean but all went in vain as the problem still continues.

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It has been exacerbated by the stream of untreated sewage into the Arabian Sea. Dumping of plastic waste in the ocean has turned in killing marine life.

Take a look at the shocking pics of Juhu beach:

The problem was highlighted recently in an installation at the St+art India's Sassoon Dock Art Project in Mumbai. Singaporean artist Zi Xi created an exhibit titled 'Plastic Ocean' that used 400 kg of daily-use plastic items in an infinity mirror room to show how the oceans are slowly choking on plastic.

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Famed naturalist David Attenborough recently said after highlighting that eight million tonnes of plastic is added to oceans every year. "Surely we have a responsibility to care for our planet. The future of humanity, and indeed all life on earth, depends on us."

This is a serious issue which not only humans but also animals are facing and it’s high time people understand this and mend their ways.

by Vijay Singh | Sat, Jul 14 - 11:58 AM

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