MS Dhoni Gives An Insight On Sports And Education, Says Sports Teaches A Lot About Life

Dhoni was asked about daughter Ziva and he said, "It doesn't matter whether if I like it or not. I think she gets a lot of attention. And the thing is wherever I go people actually ask about her so I am nowhere in the scene right now."

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He added, "They tell me where is Ziva now, what is she doing. So, its good to have somebody like her around who is a livewire. In the morning, she is always on the move and she is very careful about what she does. So we are not worried that she may get hurt by doing something. It feels good to have somebody around who can ease the stress by not really pushing us into doing anything. Its good to have her and it is doesn't really matter whether I like or I don't like the attention that she getting because she is hardly three and a half. She already has her own character. She talks in a particular way. I think its good to have a daughter who is always around."

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Another interviewer asked said we are promoting sports along with others on such a big platform, Mr Rajvardhan Rathore has made a statement saying that by next year the syllabus will be reduced to half so that this can promote sports. Because sports is nothing but education. Any comments on that?

He said, "I have not heard of this. It is not fair to comment on something I have not heard."

Later he said, "But it will be interesting to see what the parents think about the reducing of the syllabus. Education is very important but sports does teach you a lot about life. And school is I feel the right sport where you need to push the youngsters to play a lot of sport. Especially physical sport, outdoor sport. Indoor also qualifies where badminton is there, squash is there, table tennis is there. But that's the time when they have that kind of a time where they can spend enough time on both. nobody really knows like when I was in Class 6th or 7th, I had no clue whether I'll become a cricketer, footballer, athletics man or I'll play badminton. Since I have not tried doing sport at school level, how will I get to know what I am good at?"

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"I feel in between there was a phase where the parents were not too much interested in sports and they just wanted their children to study, study hard and get the best of results. And what is strange right now is 90 % marks was considered very good. And the amount of students who get more than 90% is just normal for us. Even if I was studying 24 hours a day, I can't think of reaching 90% marks at any point in time," he added.

"I was good at sports, I played a lot of sports. That is something that really helped me be fit at my age right now. Sport is a major part of life and it teaches you a lot of things. Win to win, the acceptance to losses, how to come back after having a bad loss. Mentally and physically sports builds a lot of character when it comes to students in early age and that actually helps in the practical life also," he said.

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"I just feel sports should be a big part of the student's life and everybody should be pushed to play some kind of a sport even if it doesn't work."

Isnt his ideology amazing? What do you think?

by Admin | Thu, Aug 09 - 01:58 PM

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