Mr and Mrs Chatterjee to witness FIFA glory for 10th time in a row live from ‘Russia’

Ever seen a crazy football lover? What extremes have they gone to for the match or to see their favourite team play? Now, we are up with a story that will simply blow your mind. This story may probably change the meaning of devotion and love.

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Pannalal Chatterjee (85 years old) and Chaitali Chatterjee (76 years old), the couple belonging to Kolkata are all set for their 10th FIFA World Cup visit to Russia. This couple has already witnessed 9 editions of FIFA World Cup and are heading forward to the 10th to Russia and are pretty excited for it.

This couple has experienced the FIFA magic from the stands and not once but 9 times before and is set to witness the same for the 10th time in the row.

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But, this experience did not come to them easily. Belonging to a middle-class family Mr and Mrs Chatterjee gave up on their favourite meal ‘maach’ (fish) and have lived a low budgeted life to save money for their FIFA tour.

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Now, the FIFA World Cup is something that the couple cannot give up on. The couple has also watched a few matches from the stands but still turned up to watch the FIFA live.

A little insight on how all of this began:

The first match they watched together was the live telecast of 1982 Spain World Cup and from that match, football has become a major and important part of their relationship. But they realised that their love for football was way too much and they did not enjoy watching the same on the 15-inch black and white TV.

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So, this couple decided to watch the action live of FIFA World Cup in front of their eyes and they made it happen.

In 1986, they went to witness Diego Maradona in all his ‘Godly’ glory.

Mrs Chatterjee confessed in an interview given to that her favourite moment of all 9 FIFA World Cup’s would be witnessing Diego Maradona and his ‘Godly’ glory.

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“Of course, it was watching [Diego] Maradona’s brilliance at the 1986 World Cup. Watching the Hand of God occurring right before my eyes, well, how can you expect anything else to top that memory?”

But then, there is a little problem here, the couple doesn’t have money to buy for more than three tickets and they have written to the FIFA authorities regarding this.

“We have requested Fifa for more tickets. But they have not yet responded. We are still hoping to get a few more.”

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We hope that they get the tickets because Mr Chatterjee would turn 90 by the time Qatar World Cup is played.

“I will be nearing 90 in 2022 and there’s little hope that we would make it to Qatar for the next edition.”

Well, well, he said the same in 2014 too. So, let’s wait and see what happens next.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jun 04 - 01:07 PM

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