Motor Vehicles Act: Driver had to pay Rs 1000 in Bihar for not wearing seatbelt in “Auto Rikshaw”

Presently driving an auto-rickshaw without a safety belt can likewise wind up costing an auto driver Rs 1,000. Pause, do automobiles have safety belts? We don't think so. Which is the reason we should attempt to clarify what occurred?

Under the new motorcars Act, Associate in Nursing automotive vehicle jinrikisha driver was penalized Rs 1,000 for not carrying seat belt, even if the vehicle doesn't accompany a life belt put in. On Saturday, an auto-rickshaw driver in Saraiya, Muzzafarpur in Bihar was approached to pay a fine for disregarding traffic rules.

Presently, as indicated by the station officer of the zone, he was not fined for not wearing a safety belt, yet the challan was issued for the equivalent with the goal that the driver would need to pay the base sum under the new Motor Vehicles Act.

Under the new demonstration, changed by the legislature, strong fines are being forced on violators. The driver was challenged for abusing traffic rules. Be that as it may, since he was poor and would not have had the option to outfit an expand challan, the police fined him the base sum, which was for not wearing a safety belt.

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The fine for driving without a safety belt has expanded multiple times - from Rs 100 to Rs 1000. Utilizing cellphones while driving can likewise pull in a fine between Rs 1000-5000 and the rundown proceeds.

"The auto driver was approached to pay a base challan, which was, for not wearing a safety belt as he was a very poor man. In this way, he was approached to pay Rs 1,000 as it were. To force the base punishment sum, he was forced with the most reduced challan sum. This was a mix-up yet it was done just to force a base punishment on the driver," said Ajay Kumar Station House Officer of Saraiya.

In the interim, on September 9, a truck proprietor from Rajasthan needed to pay a fine of Rs 1.41 lakh for over-burdening his truck on September 5 in Delhi, which is the most noteworthy challan after the execution of MVA. The truck proprietor paid the challan sum at Rohini court in New Delhi.

by Ishan Soni | Mon, Sep 16 - 03:30 PM

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