A motivational speaker, used to claim to be an IPS officer got caught by Special Operations Group

Special Operations Group (SOG), in Jaipur caught a 20-year-old young boy, who used to claim about cracking IIT & UPSC exams in his first attempt. He was a motivational speaker and a social media star of sorts, who inspired youths to take up challeneges in life. Abhay Meena, the boy who couldn’t clear class 12th exams gave inspirational talks about how he studied for several long hours to crack IIT & Upsc exams.

Meena awarded several awards & medals to real police officers & he continued his maneuver until a person got suspicious when Meena showed his police card, in which he had misspelled crime branch as “branche”  & capital as “capitol”.

The SOG caught him from an apartment in Jagatpura area , Meena tried to browbeat cops by showing his influence, but all gone into vain. “He was a social media sensation. People were inspired by the story that somebody could become an IPS officer at such an early age”, ASP Karan Sharma said.

He had a car with a three-star police plate affixed on the bumper. ‘’In police hierarchy, a three-star cop is either a DG or additional DG rank official. Therefore, such honor is reserved only for senior officials, not for a 20-year-old new entrant into the service”, an official on condition of anonymity said, adding that it is surprising that traffic cops never checked his car.

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Meena reportedly shared tips about cracking  the most prestigious exams like IIT entrance & civil services tests at several fashion shows, gala parties & pep talk events where he was a regular guest. At many of these award shows, he met real police officers & applauded their work & ironically, some of these real cops saluted him.

The official said, ‘’The accused with his live-in partner stayed at expensive hotels & dined at fine restaurants. He rarely paid & always showed off his clout”. He even used to extort money from people. He admitted about all his cheating stuff at Pratap Nagar Poilce Station.

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“Meena said that he used to take money from people on pretext of helping them in their legal cases. Some chargesheets have been recovered from his house” added SHO Sanjay Sharma.

by Lokendra Sharma | Mon, Jun 03 - 12:23 PM

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